Assessment task

Assessment task 1A & 1B — Case Study — Maggie (Case Study and information is fictional) Case Study example: – Client details. Date of Referral: 28/02/2022 DOB: 25/10/2002 Age: 19 Name: Margaret ( Maggie ) Brown Gender: Female Address: Residential: 142 Evergreen Terrace Victoria, Australia. Phone number: 0404999333 Address: Postal as above Email address: [email protected] Marital Status: Married Defacto Divorced Widowed Next of Kin: Nicole Brown Relationship: other Phone number 0408 000000 Medicare No: 1234 12345 1 2 Expiry: 11/2023 Language spoken at home: Eng ish Ability to speak English Does the client/patient identify as: Jenny’s mother identifies as Aboriginal Who resides with the patient client? — Education/Employment status Is the client aware of and consenting to the referral and wanting treatment? • entifies as an Aboriginal Person Name Nicole Brown Kat Abbie Victoria Well Identifies as a Torres Strait Islander Person Not well Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person Relationship Mother Sibling aged 15 years Sibling aged 10 years Sibling aged 5 years. Maggie is enrolled in a vocational health course and works part time in hospitality. Maggie is aware of the referral and has consented to treatment. Not at all. Neither. Presenting issues: Mental health Vocation and Education Friendships Sexual health Physical health Social Support Eating Alcohol/drugs Page 1 of 2


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